The EU Partners (HU-RO-ENG-NTH_PT-CRO) – all involved in adult education and e-work promotion have formed a European partnership by grouping different European sectoral organizations from different regions of Europe which are united under a common interest over the subject of promoting virtual learning and e-work for young adults in order to support their future employability.

Our long term goals:

  • improving and extending the offer of high quality learning opportunities tailored to individual adult learners, including through
  • innovative ways of outreach and delivery
  • development of training cours for adult trainers and young adult learners to improve the availability and quality of European training courses
  • develop adult educators’ competences to deal with diversified groups of learners, make use of new technologies for better outreach and teaching outcomes;
  • strengthen the cooperation between organisations with a view to establishing exchanges of practices;
  • promote the development, testing and/or implementation of innovative practicesin the field of education, training and youth
  • develop, test, adapt and implement innovative practices in the field of adult education
  • strategic cooperation between different educational sectors and local/regional businesses, for example to investigate employability or ease of transition into the workforce or between educational levels

Specific goals:

(a) Provide access to Tool-Kit for self assasment and carreer development planning

(b) Develop, test, adapt innovative training for young adult learners to upgrade their skills

(c) Develop tools and methods for professional development of adult educators

(d) Connect different sectors, build a bridge, and exchange good practices

Target groups are:

(a) Adult educators, youth workers, e-trainers, facilitators

(b) Young adults (18-29 age) coming from disadvantaged background (low skilled NEETs), who need upskilling.