E-tutor Training Programme


We live in a very mobile environment, where time, education and employment are challenging issues.
Join us for a pilot course for e-tutors, helping you to use your experience as a tutor and adapting it so you can run quality training in a virtual environment.

About the e-tutor training
E-tutor e-learning module is specially designed for youth workers, e-tutors, trainers, who will be responsible for leading non-formal training and mentoring the young adult learners during the blended learning process related to their e-competency development.
The E-tutor module will give an overview of the tasks and roles of future e-tutors and through practical case studies and interactive tasks, will allow participants to learn the "E-tutor role" to become multipliers for future youth development programs.

Our e-tutor pilot training module is part of a programme aiming to increase the employability for young adults by training them in the key competencies required for remote work. The project is operating in six countries across Europe and has developed training materials for young adults and for e-tutors.

To whom we address
Adult education sector: educators, facilitators, trainers, counsellors
Youth sector: youth workers
VET sector: teachers, trainers, lecturers, ones who need to learn how to tutor learners as part of the training path with the support of ICT
SMEs' HR managers, trainers, who wish to teach workers with on-line tools

What to expect from the course?
You will learn which e-tool is used when and how to get the most out of e-collaboration.
You will learn how to moderate on-line classes, webinars, video conferences and how to tutor target groups though e-channels.
You have the chance to interact with participants from 6 European countries (Hungary, United Kingdom, Croatia, Romania, Portugal and Netherlands). For a better understanding of the course you need to have English language skills

Programs is which you will be involved
Location: online www.seed2020.eu (independent learning)
Period: 1 – 15 NOVEMBER, 2016
Aim: 30 hours of learning with embedded quizzes and tests for familiarisation with the e-tutor online course
Participants: at least 3 participants in each country

Location: Iasi, Romania (www.romaniatourism.com/iasi.html
Hosts: Fundatia EuroEd (www.euroed.ro
Period: 23-27 NOVEMBER 2016 (5 days of interactive training)
Registration deadline: 1st of NOVEMBER 2016
Aim: Blended learning process for e-tutors (e-learning + mobility) to practice the learned knowledge in the online course
Participants: 1 to 3 participants from each country

Location: virtual environment
Period 1: DECEMBER 2016 – FEBRUARY 2017 (5 hours of assistance for youths)
Period 2: 3-9 APRIL 2017 (10 hours of assistance in online simulation)
Aim: Assist young adults in a virtual environment and participate in an online simulation game

Location: Pecs, Hungary (http://www.budapest.com/hungary/cities/pecs.en.html
Hosts: Innovaform Nonprofit Ltd. (www.innovaform.hu
Period: 19-23 APRIL 2017 (5 days of interactive training)
Aim: The participants will be put in different situations, where they must decide, collaborate, mingle and solve problems in tutor-young adult teams.
Participants: 1 pair of e-tutor – young adult from each country

Extra benefits
All programs are free of charge

For each program you will be involved you will receive a EuroPass certification                        

What to do next?
1. Read all information at www.seed2020.eu/e-tutor register
2. Complete the online registration form
3. Wait for your country co-ordinator to get in touch with you
4. Start planning your future e-tutoring job