Youth E-work programme

Imagine you could work from anywhere…
… instead of sitting in an office all day. It could be your home, your garden, a park, a coffee shop or the seaside! Remote work is becoming more popular for both companies and employees as it is cost efficient, flexible and productive. More and more jobs can be done online as technology is improving constantly. So, whichever sector you are working in or planning to work in, it is highly likely that you can work remotely!

Do you have all the skills?

You are not the only one who is looking for a job! Competition is fierce on the labour market and you need to give your best performance to get the job you want! Many people stick to office jobs because that is the old and conventional way of working. It is safe and comfortable. To work remotely, in an e-work environment, needs special skills and competencies. You need to be organised, trustworthy, flexible and self-confident.

Beat the competition!

There is a lot of training out there that could help you get a job. However only a few will focus on improving competencies required for remote working. Our programme offers a unique opportunity for a small group of young adults across Europe to participate in or e-work training programme.

Join now, it is completely free!

The programme will provide everything you need for a fantastic learning experience! You will get to know and study with fellow students from across Europe, e-tutors will guide you through the journey and you will receive a certificate at the end of the course. A lucky few students will also get the opportunity to travel and participate in training events in Hungary (costs covered by the programme).

What you need to know about the programme:

  • It is compeltely FREE!
  • Starts on 1stDecember 2016.
  • Registration deadline is 15th November 2016.
  • Students from 5 European countries will be participating, so you will get the chance to get to know other students and make new friends from Europe.
  • You need to dedicate some of your time to the online course.
  • You will have and E-tutor to support your on-line learning.
  • You will get a certificate at the end of the training that you can add to your CV.
  • The lucky ones from the „virtual class”, will get a chance to participate in two training events in Hungary. During the 5 day workshops, you can meet in person your „virtual classmates” from other countries and put your newly learnt knowledge to the test through games and fun activities.

What to do next?

  • Read all information and requirements at register
  • Complete the online registration form.
  • Wait for your country co-ordinator to get in touch with you.
  • Start learning, developing and start building your career NOW!

The SEED partnership strives to uphold the highest levels of equality and diversity and no applicant will be discriminated against on the grounds of gender, religion, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation.

The Erasmus+ Programme aims at promoting equity and inclusion by facilitating access to participants with disadvantaged backgrounds and fewer opportunities compared to their peers and the partnership will prioritise candidates accordingly.

Programmes in which you will be involved

  • The programme consists of an online course lasting a total of 24 hours and two on-site training events in Hungary. 
  • Two selected participants from each country can attend the first on-site training and one selected person can attend the second on-site training.

In detail:

1. E-WORK ONLINE COURSE Location: Online (independent learning)

  • Period: 1ST DECEMBER 2016-28TH FEBRUARY 2017
  • Registration deadline: 28th OCTOBER 2016 
  • Aim: The course contains 12 competency development modules. Each module takes 2 hours of learning time, a total of 24 hours. 
  • Every learner has an e-tutor to assist him/her during the training. Participants: at least 3 participants in each country


  • Hosts: Innovaform Non-profit Ltd. (
  • Period: 1st-5th FEBRUARY 2017 (5 days of interactive training)
  • Aim: Blended learning process for young adults (e-learning + mobility) to practise the knowledge learned in the online course Participants: 2 participants selected from each country 


  • Location: Virtual environment Period: 3rd–9th April 2017 Aim: Online simulation game supported by e-tutors and working with learners from across Europe. 


  • Location: Pecs, Hungary ( Hosts: Innovaform Non-profit Ltd. (
  • Period: 19th-23rd APRIL 2017 (5 days of interactive training) 
  • Aim: The participants will be put in different situations, where they must decide, collaborate, mingle and solve problems in tutor-young adult teams. Participants: 1 pair of e-tutor – young adult from each country