The EU Partners (Hungary, United Kingdom, Croatia, Romania, Portugal, Netherlands) – all involved in e-work promotion have formed a European partnership by grouping different European sectoral organizations from different regions of Europe which are united under a common interest over the subject of promoting e-work for yong adults in order to support their future employability.

Our goal can only be achieved if we unite; coming from different sectors jointly participate in development actions in order to strengthen the bond between target groups, education and the real labour market needs. Therefore, the partners share a strong motivation and enthusiasm to develop the proposed action, thus to present a life-long learning outcome with a clear added value for the end-user adult learners and their educators.

All partners bring a clear added value to the partnership. Some project partners have already worked together successfully in prior projects before (HU-ENG-RO), which will strengthen this partnership. There are newcomers to the program, who will be supported by the more experienced partners, resulting in long lasting work relationships. Sectors represented are: VET, Adult Education, Youth Organization, SME, NGO

Inno-Motive Nonprofit Ltd.

Inno-Motive Nonprofit Ltd. as the lead partner is an accredited VET training organization and operates a youth center. Has lead and successfully implemented several large scale EU level projects in the field of E-work and Youth topics. In fact, it processes IPR over the previously developed projects that will be transferred to new sectors and EU countries, which is key importance for the development. With years of experience in competency based development, besides assuring the transfer of knowledge to the partnership, the organization will provide wide methodology in management and intercultural co-operation as well.


Innovaform Nonprofit Ltd.

Innovaform Nonprofit Ltd. is an e-learning developmen Hungary, specializing in IT and e-learning development, social network building and PR activities. works with overall 6 IT experts and has experience in virtual environment develoment and e-learning sheems. Although it is a newcomer to EU funded programs, staff members has managed many related tasks for other EU projects and understands the goals and requirements of project outcomes and the importance of dissemination. The knowledge and skills of staff members assure the successful conduction of tasks.


GuideHub Consulting Ltd.

GuideHub Consulting Ltd. is an adult educational provider in the UK, organizing training courses and providing consulting services in the field of entrepreneurship, leadership, project management, SCR and intercultural market expansion. Has wide competences and provides trainings in E-learning, e-tool development, monitoring and evaluation. As a SCR promoter, the contacts to a wide set of sectorial target groups will also support the dissemination and exploitation of the results.


Energo Data

Energo Datad.o.o is a Croatian consulting company formed in 2009. It specializes in business and new technology consulting. It has been involved in numerous EU, domesitc and internationally funded projects that involved promotion of innovation, new technologies, e-learning. With a wide cooperation’s network, local governments, developement agencies, academic institutions are accessible.


Fundatia EuroEd

Fundatia EuroEd is a non-profit organization operating in Romania. It delivers educational services to all age categories and developed a series of programs, international training courses for language teachers. In addition, EuroEd Foundation coordinated projects in Language learning – online resources, networks, games and drama techniques; simulations, motivation and support for lifelong learning, educational materials; social responsibility and volunteering, etc. It's experience with new methodology building will provide a great professional background for supporting the project.


In Dialogue

In Dialogue is a consultancy organization in the Netherlands specialized in the communicative and relational aspects of organizational life. In Dialogue works ongoing on updating its competences and expertise to the newest developments in the field. With it's experts, it will support the development of the tutor component and will share it's expertise in connecting non-formal elements in training.


Teatro Metaphora

Teatro Metaphora aims to develop and participate in educational activities, contributing thereby to the promotion and dissemination of cultural heritage, lectures, courses, seminars, workshops, and debates, as also implementing educational programs. It also works as an informational center for young people, and also has a solid experience in organizing and conducting a wide range of activities which purpose is support for entrepreneurship and self-expression